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Here it is, look no further, this is the highest quality crinkle material for adding noise, texture, and fun to your next project. We’ve spent years testing and searching for the best crinkly plastic film. We found it! This is hands down the best crinkle material on the market!

What Makes Crinkle Material for makers Different 

This is not cellophane or cheap thin plastic film that rips and barely crinkles. Crinkle Material for makers™ is the same material used by the world’s largest toy maker. Produced with the perfect thickness, high tensile strength which yields the nosiest audible reaction. Extreme durability and resistance to high heat which allows you to sew, iron, and machine wash the finished project.

What to expect

◈ Amazing “Crinkle”: High tensile strength results in an amazing sharp and crisp sound when handled
◈ Incredible durability: Once applied as a filler or stuffing it can be ironed, machine washed, and machine dried
◈ Preserved Safety: Our experts #1 priority - so you can craft away with confidence

What about safety?

Here at Hyak Designs™ safety is our #1 concern.

You can rest assured that each inch of your

Crinkle Material is:
◈ Free of Phthalates
◈ Free of Lead
◈ BPA Free
◈ CPSIA exempt

Package includes

◈ One: 36” x 36” square yard
◈ Pre-Crinkled which saves you time
◈ May exceed stated size 
◈ Packaged nicely


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Professionally packaged

pre-crinkled for the loudest audible response