Crinkle Paper for babies infant sensory & soother toy. the best, baby paper

Playtime is essential

The infant toy that enriches

the senses with style

Everyone Wants The BestFew Find It

The infant toy that enriches the

senses & promotes dexterity

An Amazon'z Choice  award winner

"So simple and stops my baby from crying"

"The best infant sensory toy for traveling. A lifesaver for air travel

Best Sellers

Great toy my granddaughter loves it so I bought one for a baby shower.

"My son loves Crinkle paper!

The patterns are so cute and I love that this is made in America. Plus the shipping was fast and cheap! I will be buying a few more."

"The best crinkle paper ever according to my daughter-in-law. Baby loves this paper & plays with it constantly. Excellent product for a totally reasonable price. Quality product! I highly recommend."


"Great sensory toy for our 5 month old! She absolutely loves it! If you're thinking about buying it, do it!"


"Cute and well made, we love that it’s handmade in the US. The fabric is really soft and high-quality as well. You’ll pay more for this brand than for other similar products, the quality is so, so much better. baby girl loooooves her crinkle paper!"

I was so extremely excited to receive this in the mail yesterday!! I gave it to my 3.5 month old son to play with and he was INSTANTLY entertained!! I love that it’s thin enough, small enough, and lightweight enough that his little hands can hold onto it & the print is mesmerizing to him. In just 1 day it’s become the favorite toy!! It’s nice and foldable so it will easily fit in our diaper bag for on the go and won’t take up much room!! It would make a fun gift for an expecting mom or a great addition to baby’s toy aresenal!!

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Made with the highest 

level of safety

in mind


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